Why waste years of your life struggling to get where you
want to go 
when powerful results are possible right now?

In today's fast-paced world, if we are not moving ahead in quantum leaps, we are falling behind. But, making quantum leap progress requires a whole different approach than most personal improvement methods take.    

To get and stay on the leading edgemost of us need to get old programming and limiting beliefs out of the way first, and few people are able to do that on their own. Why? Because we can't see our own blind spots and filters. We can't see what we are doing or not doing to get the results we are getting. 

Succeeding in life is rather like learning to play the piano or learning a complex sport. You can get a lot farther a whole lot faster with the help of a good coach or teacher than you ever could plugging along on your own.

The reason most people never become highly proficient is because they believe they can make the right adjustments on their own, and many spend an entire lifetime trying one thing after another without ever making any significant improvements or experiencing success.

When we can't see what we are doing right or wrong and don't know what we don't know, making the right adjustments to polish skills and improve outcomes is next to impossible - especially when there are invisible barriers in the way as is most often the case. 

Rarely if ever does a superstar get to the top on their own. Every great athlete and every great performer has a great coach or adviser to help them get the most from the talents they have. The same is true in the game of life.

In the game of life, your most valuable asset is time and the greatest gift you can give yourself, and those you love, is time well spent. The Quantum Leap System is all about giving you more time to enjoy life

Quantum Leap3 is a multidimensional system that gets you very far very fast - quantum leap fast. 

The "3" in Quantum Leap3 represents the exponential cube. Every dimension possible is represented in the cube and that's what the Quantum Leap3 System in the hands of a good coach or consultant provides; fast, easy, effortless growth from every possible angle. 

No Time to Waste?

Then you will be thrilled at how quickly you can eliminate the old programs that have held you back, leap past the boundaries that have limited your success and begin experiencing the life of your dreams. 

Our Quantum Leap Specialists waste no time getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. They are specially trained to get past all the old conditioning and limiting concepts and beliefs to get you farther, faster and with greater ease than you ever imagined possible, and you will experience the difference within hours! (Not the weeks, months or years other methods take.)

Quantum Leap Specialists deliver astoundingly powerful results, amazingly fast. 

If you are tired of searching; tired of trying one thing after another and not getting where you want to go; if you have had all you want of painfully slow progress and are ready to take that big quantum leap to success, contact us. We'll provide you with contact infomration on Quantum Leap Specialists best suited to your needs.


If you are a coach or consultant who apsires to be among the best of the best; if you want to dramatically improve the results you deliver to your clients, contact us.

We will answer all your questions, give you an opportunity to experience the Quantum Leap advantage for yourself and show you how you can quickly rise to the top of the coaching and/or consulting profession. You will love the cutting-edge tools, available only through Quantum Leap University, and the infinitely fascinating work you get to do. Expect lots of accolades from thrilled fans, true financial success and a lot of free time to enjoy it all.


Help Yourself and Others Get Life-Transforming, Game-Changing Results

~ and ~

Have the Rich, Rewarding Life You Dream of and Deserve RIGHT NOW

The Quantum Leap System

How does the Quantum Leap System benefit coaches, consultants and their clients?
Quantum Leap is a system that incorporates three truly powerful tools that provide consultants and coaches with the edge they need to be counted among the best of the best in the industry.  
The Quantum Leap System provides the solid foundation, evidence-based measures and tracking precision so critical to coaching success.
Quantum Leap products have all been thoroughly lab and field-tested and proven to be exceptionally effective at providing results that command respect and catapult coaches to the top of the profession.
These proprietary, leading-edge products work together to create results that, in our experience and according to reports from thousands of delighted clients, are not possible in any other way or from any other source.
Be One of a Select Few
Because of the depth and breadth of the training and coaching provided to our students, we must limit the number of classes we offer each year and the size of each class. Quantum Leap3 training is available to only a select few each year, and each year you wait is another year you may be limiting your own success and the success of your clients.
If you have a desire to be among the very best in your industry, the Gold Standard among coaches and consultants, contact us and let us show you how powerfully effective the Quantum Leap3 System is for creating exponential growth from every angle.
The Quantum Leap System has three main components which make up Quantum Leap University’s core curriculum, which are requirements for earning Quantum Leap Specialist certification, and one optional program. This is a 12-month program. (Visit Quantum Leap University at www.quantumleapuniversity.org for more information)
As a Quantum Leap Specialist You Will:
  • Have a reliable scientifically-based means for measuring and tracking the effects of coaching so clients can actually see their progress through validated, objective measures  at any given point throughout the coaching relationship (very important for executive and leadership coaches since business clients want trackable results).

  • Establish a clear baseline with each client that provides deep, broad insights and allows you to easily formulate a clear plan from which to work more effectively and efficiently.

  • Have a deep awareness of each client’s developmental needs so your first session is insightful and right on the mark allowing you to create a powerful experience right up front such that clients know that you are the coach they want and need.

  • Determine exactly what is preventing progress for each client so your coaching/training is laser-focused for truly impressive results.

  • Quickly and easily remove blocks that prevent clients from progressing and do so in a very natural non-obtrusive way that flows right into the coaching experience.

  • Establish yourself as a premiere coach that is highly effective and that gets results fast. You will earn more per hour because you will be getting more done in an hour than most coaches (and even therapists) get done in weeks or months.

  • Receive regular referrals from delighted clients to keep your business growing and thriving

  • Have one of the most fascinating (for you) and life-changing (for you and your clients) businesses on Earth.

“The best part of waking up is not Folgers coffee, but the addition of 3 exquisite tools from Dr. Sherry Buffington that allow me to grow and strengthen my Executive and Personal Performance Coaching business with amazing clients who achieve exceptional results.”
Jill Pickett — Houston, TX
The Four Parts of the Quantum Leap Specialist Program are:

1. The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)®
CORE MAP is the most comprehensive system 
for self-evaluation you will ever experience. There is no other assessment or evaluation system anywhere at any price that measures as deeply and broadly as CORE MAP or that gets past false perceptions and erroneous beliefs to provide a truly accurate, predictive and insightful baseline. It also let you track progress so you know exactly what to focus on to get exceptional results, and lets you show your clients in undeniable scientific terms the progress they have made as a result of your coaching. 

Those who experience CORE MAP are regularly amazed at the breadth, depth and accuracy of this powerful tool. CORE MAP gets past conditioned perceptions to reveal
an individual’s true natural style and the effects of conditioning. CORE MAP measures development levels across a broad spectrum of human traits, coping patterns, what causes stress and depletes energy, what motivates and energizes, and emotional intelligence in specific areas.
This is a patented, proprietary tool that is available nowhere else. Coaches who have access to CORE MAP have a huge advantage over those using typical off-the-shelf assessments and evaluation tools, and those who are not using assessments.
CORE MAP Training and Certification consists of pre-work, 6 live online classes and one-on-one mentoring. 
This course teaches you how to:
  • Administer CORE MAP online or in person

  • Facilitate a powerful, laser-focused consultation around the CORE instrument

  • Read and interpret the in-depth and very revealing patterns that are apparent only in CORE assessments

  • Create a clear, unambiguous baseline from which to coach your clients so they get truly quantum leap results they will rave about

  • Administer and interpret progress reports so you and your clients can see, without a doubt, that they are making progress, exactly where progress is being made and where coaching should be focused to affect the next quantum leap

  • Use the Resource Center to manage your client profiles, grant access, generate progress reports, download additional reports and consultation tools, and more

  • Use the CORE coaching tools available to you

2. Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP)™
The RAMP method gets results instantly, effortlessly and permanently even where dozens of other methods have failed. It has a 22 year track record and a success rate of better than 97% making it one of the most effective methods for rapid positive change available anywhere.  RAMP removes even the deepest blocks quickly, easily and pleasantly and replaces them with beneficial patterns that result in instant transformation and desirable behaviors that are effortless to maintain.
RAMP uses the rules and language of the powerful subconscious mind to update old patterns transforming them instantly to beneficial new patterns that are aligned with current goals and desires.  The result is instant, effortless positive change that lasts. It is not uncommon for a client to report that they have already tried everything out there without getting the outcome they want prior to experiencing RAMP and then to report, with surprise and delight, that they got exactly what they wanted with RAMP.
RAMP™ training and certification consists of a 14-part online course with live coaching calls twice a month over 3 months, culminating in a 3-day classroom intensive which is followed by one-on-one mentoring as needed over the next year. The online classes teach the basics. In the live experiential intensive, you not only practice the RAMP method so you are polished, practiced and ready to profit, you gain the benefit of having all your own blocks and barriers removed.
We want to ensure that you feel totally confident in performing the powerfully effective RAMP process and are proficient at getting the amazing results possible through RAMP.
RAMP™ Training Includes:
  • Preparing for Success

  • The 24 Unbreakable Rules of the Subconscious Mind

  • The Pre-Session Interview

  • RAMP Methodology and Procedures

  • Removing Blocks and Barriers

  • Healing Past Relationships

  • Reducing or Eliminating Pain

  • The Root and Remedy of Dysfunctional Responses

  • The Four States of Mind

  • The Six Functions of the Subconscious Mind

  • Understanding Archetypes and Universal Symbols

  • How to Earn Six-Figures Working Part Time (This is instructional only and not to be construed as a guarantee of income.)

3. Success-GPS™
Imagine having an instrument that lets you know exactly where a client is in the moment, compared to where he/she wants to be; one that goes way beyond what the client is consciously aware of and way beyond what can be discovered through typical coaching methods.
Then imagine that you could take the information and apply it to your coaching just as precisely and predictably as any Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine exactly what to adjust to get your client to the very place he/she wants to be in the fastest, most direct way possible.
That is the power of the Success-GPS™.  There is no condition that individuals or organizations encounter that cannot be pinpointed with laser-like accuracy using this amazing tool. With Success-GPS™, you can discover the dynamics and specific areas of misalignment in individuals, couples, families, companies, organizations, even state, local and national governments. Using the Success-GPS™, you can assess any situation and determine exactly what to focus upon for the fastest most impactful results.
Now take it one step farther and imagine a tool you can use to double, triple, even quadruple your coaching business. Success-GPS is an amazingly effective client attraction tool. In the training, you will learn how to use it as a supremely effective coaching tool and how to use the assessment part of the system as a powerfully effective client enrollment tool.  
Success-GPS™ training and certification consists of a 5-part online course and 2 group coaching sessions.
Success-GPS is an assessment designed to provide you and your clients with a clear global view of where they are right now, why they are getting the results they are currently getting and what to address first to get the fastest, most impactful results.
The assessment explores nine areas of critical importance to achieving abundant success: (1) generating energy, (2) taking the right actions, (3) designing goals for success, (4) creating flow, (5) creating total self-confidence (6) building beneficial relationships, (7) tapping into the two greatest forces on earth, (8) developing or enhancing a money generating mindset, and (9) managing money effectively.
Success-GPS™ Training includes:
  • Administering the assessment

  • Reading and interpreting the results

  • Understanding the Laws of Energy and how they impact human outcomes

  • Understanding the path to abundance and the order in which the path is best developed

  • How to coach clients in each of the nine areas examined in the Success-GPS assessment for dramatically improved outcomes

  • How to use Success-GPS to attract and enroll all the clients you want

  • How to use Success-GPS in group coaching programs 


4. Quantum Leap Business Success
4 live online classes to provide you with specific guidance on how to use Quantum Leap tools to brand and position yourself as a premium quality coach. Beyond excellence as a coach or consultant, there is business excellence. We realize that for great practitioners to continue making a real difference in people’s lives they must be able to earn a good living and have the time to live a good life. Knowing how to position yourself, attract ideal clients and deliver the greatest value in the least amount of time is key to having the time and money great coaches deserve.   

This is part of the Quantum Leap Systems package but is optional. Students tell us this program alone is worth the tuition.
Become a Gold Standard Coach™
The coaching industry is a fast-growing yet largely unregulated one. As a result anyone, with or without training, can call themselves a coach. There are many coach training programs available, but most of them teach general coaching practices that affect change slowly over time.
In the fast-paced world we live in today, time is of the essence and, anyone not moving forward in quantum leaps is falling behind.
The typical coaching model is that of asking "high value questions” and, while high value questions are certainly an important part of coaching, they are just a part.
Have you ever watched a great sports coach at work, especially an Olympics quality coach? Do they simply ask questions or do they also guide and inform? How far do you suppose an athlete would get if the coach only asked questions no matter how valuable the questions might be? Coaches in sports and the arts have understood the importance of instruction, guidance around blind spots, and holding their students accountable for centuries. It is a tried and true model that has produced superstars and it's the model we use.
Gold Standard Coaches are trained to produce quantum leap results; to get their clients very far very fast. It’s what people pay coaches for and what we believe coaches should deliver.
Gold Standard Coach training provides you with the additional tools you need to get your clients where they want to go fast—quantum leap fast.
Gold Standard Coach™ Seal
Once you have demonstrated that you have the ability to effectively provide your clients with fast, highly beneficial results, and have at least ten glowing client referrals, you become eligible for the Gold Standard Coach seal of excellence. To keep the seal, your ratings from your clients in our Gold Standard Coach 5-Star feedback system must remain at 3.5 or above.
Our goal is to position Gold Standard Coaches at the very top of the coaching profession and to be sure that every coach with a Gold Standard Coach seal continues to provide coaching results that are second to none.
The difference between a coach and a consultant in the Quantum Leap3 System is the approach and the time invested in the client. The consultant approach is attractive to practitioners who want to use the Quantum Leap tools to move clients forward quickly, but don't want to coach them in other areas. Most of our practitioners like the combination of both because some clients need coaching in other areas to be most effective and some don't.
Quantum Leap tools allow consultants to get better results in a few short hours than most methods get in months or even years. Practitioners who want to get people very far very fast love that the Quantum Leap3 System lets them do that.
“The Quantum Leap System has helped not only me but my entire family, I felt for so many years that I was stuck on ‘3 to get ready’ and couldn't get myself to take the leap of faith and make things happen in my business and personal life. Through Quantum Leap I was able to finally take that leap of faith and move forward.  I no longer have the barriers that once held me back, The weight of my past is gone and I have given myself permission from my head (the reality of what is) to my heart (what I know to be true) and truly love what I am doing with my personal and business life.”
Kim Mittelstadt — San Antonio, TX

Proprietary and Exclusive
Quantum Leap products are all proprietary and are available nowhere else. All practitioners are thoroughly trained to preserve the quality, integrity, high value and excellent reputation of each product.  

We carefully select our licensees and spend a great deal of time coaching and mentoring them to ensure that they are excellent at administering all products.

Because we invest a lot in our licensees we must limit the number we train in any given year. We project that less than 10% of coaches and consultants worldwide will have the benefit of Quantum Leap Licensing so our Licensees will continue to retain a significant advantage over others in the coaching and consulting professions.

Coaching and Mentoring
As a member of the Quantum Leap Community, you will have access to monthly group coaching calls and webinars designed to keep you informed and exceptionally effective and to help you get and keep clients. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to experience huge successes both personally and in business.
“I have heard people talk about being "transformed" but never really understood what that meant until now. Your work has caused me to re-think my whole life… re-think my understanding of myself, my business, my relationship with my kids, my relationship with everyone I come in contact with, and rethink my ability to positively impact the world for the rest of my life. I can't wait to start using what I have learned to begin transforming other people's lives. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I am truly blessed to know you!! Thank You!”
Kevin Stoffel — Denver, CO

The World is at Your Fingertips

All Quantum Leap products and methods can be administered in person or by phone so the entire world is your office. RAMP can be administered from anywhere you can get phone coverage and CORE MAP and Success-GPS™ from anywhere you can get internet service.

We Are Deeply Invested in Your Success

We invest a lot of time in each of our students so we only accept a few hundred students each year. We want those select few to really shine! We want them to be the superstars of the coaching/consulting profession. And to ensure that we have the best, we select our students. Not everyone can become a Quantum Leap coach/consultant. The Quantum Leap3 System is life-transforming and game-changing in the hands of a good coach or consultant and has a great reputation for getting amazing results, so we select only candidates who bring a high degree passion, integrity and dedication to the world of coaching and consulting.  

Do You Have the Right Stuff?

To help people with the right stuff add this powerful system to their tool box, Quantum Leap University, the learning institution for the Quantum Leap System, offers a generous scholarship to those who meet our criteria. We are looking for highly dedicated people who want to:

  • Be agents for powerful, positive change
  • Make a real, measurable, provable difference in people's lives
  • Get life-transforming, game-changing results for their clients
  • Build a successful business and earn a great living doing work that is infinitely fascinating
  • Have a lot of freedom and flexibility in their business
  • Enjoy a reputation as an outstanding coach or consultant 
  • Have powerfully effective tools with a proven track record for getting people farther faster than any other known system

If this describes you, you may be eligible for a scholarship from Quantum Leap University. You can apply below.



The potential return on your investment is phenomenal!
It only takes 28 clients who invest in only RAMP or CORE MAP at the recommended rates or just 6 Quantum Leap Coaching program clients to repay your tuition. And, because you can run your entire business by phone and internet, your overhead costs are next to nothing and your flexibility almost limitless. The average profit margin is around 95%, and with the high demand for rapid results and instant relief growing daily, having the ability to actually deliver such results makes it possible for you to soon be earning a very healthy six-figure income.
Administering the entire Quantum Leap3 program takes about 12 hours and will get your clients farther than other systems typically get them in a year or more. 
Time is Money and a lot more time better invested is one of the many priceless gifts you will be able to deliver with the Quantum Leap System. Clients who have spent years trying to get where they want to go without success are thrilled with the speed and positive impact of the Quantum Leap3 System.

Have Fun as You Earn More. You can earn a lot more per hour than is possible in traditional coaching because you can deliver so much more. And if you enjoy a good mystery, adventure, and truly fascinating stories, you will absolutely love the work you get to do at a subconscious level with RAMP.


Want to Try It First?

We are so certain that you will love the entire Quantum Leap System that, if you are serious about becoming a powerfully effective coach, we will give you a way to try it for free. (See details below.)


Try it Risk-Free

Here's the Deal...

To be considered for Quantum Leap Specialist licensing and certification:

  • Register and make a deposit of $525 

  • You will be sent links to take the CORE MAP and Success-GPS Assessments within 24 hours

  • Following the assessments, a RAMP session will be scheduled with a master RAMP practitioner

  • If after experiencing what the Quantum Leap system can do for you and others, you are not delighted, your deposit will be returned in full. This makes trying before you buy completely risk-free.

  • If you are delighted with your personal result (and just about everyone is) and want to continue as a student, your entire deposit will be credited to your tuition. This makes trying before you buy completely risk-free and, with your entire upfront investment being credited to your tuition, free  

  • If you are delighted with your personal result, but decide the program is not a good fit for your business, your investment in a priceless life-changing process valued at $1,295 will be yours for just $525 so, any way you go, you win.

This approach allows you to check out the entire system, have a discussion with a master coach, get any questions you might have answered, and decide if the system is right for you completely risk free.

We never pressure anyone to invest in the training because we want our coach/consultants to really shine and if they aren't fully invested in the Quantum Leap system, they will not apply it to its best advantage or theirs.

Yes, I want to Try the Package


Access Our Training Schedule Here:



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When I learned of Dr. Sherry Buffington's Quantum Leap training program, I thought adding RAMP and CORE Map Assessments to my coaching practice would be a nice benefit for my clients.  After going through the training and getting my Quantum Leap certification my coaching business has more than doubled.  I have completely converted to using CORE MAP and RAMP in all of my coaching sessions because of the powerful results my clients have been receiving from using these techniques.  Success-GPS is a great marketing tool that draws clients like a magnet. I gained four new clients in the first month after acquiring this tool.  Prior to this training, I would have never thought it possible to attract clients so easily and to create such dramatic results with my clients in just one session. Today, I know that the Quantum Leap system is what makes it possible.
As a RAMP Practitioner in training, I also received the benefits of the RAMP technique to help me break free from the obstacles that clouded my own success in my coaching business.  Not only has RAMP had a positive impact on my clients, but it has completely changed my confidence and attitude toward my business.  For years, I struggled with identifying my target market and niche in my coaching business, while building a strong client base.  Now, not only have I gained clarity around who I serve, but I am speaking to others about what I do effortlessly.  This has been a huge shift for me, and I am seeing the results.  I owe Dr. Sherry Buffington, her team, and Quantum Leap3 for being the catalyst for changing the way I think and feel about my business.  I am committed to using these techniques in my practice, so that together, we can help many, many more people.”
Cassie Schuh — Seymour, WI




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